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Kind Words

What Our Friends & Local Businesses Say

“We believe that the Dixie Theatre is the singular voice for the arts in our community.  We appreciate that we have a professional cultural resource to refer our guests to when they visit the area.  We thank the Dixie Theatre for all they do to help our community differentiate itself from others.”
Resort Vacation Properties St. George Island, FL

“The Dixie Theatre professional season brings us great business; we are always busy when you have something going on at the DIXIE…thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Hole in the Wall Oyster Bar

“Whenever there is an event at the Dixie Theatre, our business is directly impacted, what an asset to the community”
The Apalachicola Seafood Grill

“The DIXIE Professional Season always bring good business to town, we love the Theatre and enjoy going to everything we can!”
Up the Creek

“We hope your next season is as good as the last, it was just wonderful!”
The Coombs House Inn

“The Dixie Theatre is a great gathering place for community events; we appreciate having such a wonderfully inspiring place to have our yearly Wild & Scenic Film Festival.”
Apalachicola Riverkeeper

“The Dixie Theatre Professional Season adds a real cultural dimension and depth to what we offer to tourists and area residents.”
Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce

“The Dixie Theatre has been an integral part of Apalachicola’s revival in the Arts.”
The Gibson Inn

“Dear Dixie! I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you and your professional actors and musicians do during your season! We can always tell when something is going on at the “Dixie” …our cash registers ring!  It is such a thrill knowing that so many people come to Apalachicola to go to an event at the “Dixie” and shop too! Thanks again!”

“The Dixie Theatre is a wonderful cultural venue and a great addition to our community. As a business we benefit highly when they have shows and as a family we love to enjoy the show! Thank you for everything you do!”
Tamara’s Café

“You know I love your theater like crazy and try to come every time the doors are open with friends and family in tow. You and your parents have brought a new level of performance and culture to a county that was sorely lacking … I like ya’ and I talk about ya’, every chance I get!”
Shelly Shepard

“I loved the 2012 season and can’t wait for 2013!!  You present to our small community a huge amount of wonderful talent. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Dee Conroy

What Our Artists Say

“As an entertainer, I just want to say to the Dixie Theatre and staff, you are the best! We have performed all over this great country and have not found a more pleasant experience! Thank you for your love of performing arts and for the great venue for artists and guests! — Keep Rockin!”
Todd Allen Herendeen

“I’ve been doing a few shows and recently had the honor of playing the fabulous Dixie Theatre in Apalachicola, Florida which happens to be one of my favorite spots in the south. […] Dixie Partington has revived this theatre into one of the greatest little venues in the US. The house piano sounds perfect, and the red box-office is still intact from 1912. I can’t wait to come back and play here!”
Holly Williams

“The Dixie Theatre is truly a step back in time, without all the pretentious glitz of either big casino or the downtown swells. No, the Dixie is the real thing. As a performer of authentic American music from the ragtime era, I often find myself wondering if I’m sharing this stage with certain artists from 100 years ago. For instance, the legendary pianist John William “Blind” Boone played extensively throughout this area in the 1910s and early 20s, and I sometimes imagine that ghosts such as his might be smiling during a thundering rendition of one of his pieces. I want it like it is, without the third tier glimmer balconies, stretch limos and chauffeurs, playbills in French and snapping paparazzi. Clothes don’t make the performer, and bling doesn’t make the theatre. Bring it on. I want to hear it again…”
Bob Milne

“The Dixie Theatre has a palpable energy, a spirit, that lifts you when you walk on stage. I’ve played some historic venues– Spirit Square in Charlotte, The Lyric Theatre in Stuart, the Sarasota Opera House– but nothing compares with The Dixie. It’s one of my all-time favorite venues, and if you asked other performers I bet they’d say the same thing. It’s easy to do your best work at The Dixie.”
Del Suggs

“When I think of theater in Apalachicola, I find that my praise for Dixie and The Dixie are a bit interchangeable.  Both are warm and open, with an ability to make you feel you’ve been there before and that you hope to come again — and yet so highly professional that both reflect the best of off-Broadway and the finest in regional theater.
I have rarely been so welcomed, so luxuriously housed, or felt so taken care of by Dixie and her amazing staff, as I was this past January while performing “Florida Girls.”  I feel I have made a lifelong friend in Dixie and I can’t wait to return to her unique and beautiful theater. Happy 100 Years!  Long May She Reign!!!”
Nancy Hasty

“It doesn’t get any better for the musicians of The Ned Devines than a performance at The Dixie Theater. A perfect storm of positive energy from Dixie, Gerry, Nick, and the hard working volunteers combined with the sense of history and tradition that pervades the structure itself makes a performance there on St Patrick’s Day pure joy. . .We love to play the Dixie! If we only had one gig a year, it would be there!”
Tim Kerns of The Ned Devines

“Performing at the Dixie is a step into the past, a connection with all those who have been on the stage and in the audience through the years…….I treasure every moment spent there!”
Margo Anderson